Goal to get on first page of Google without paying for Adwords is difficult but not impossible

Many businesses want to increase their visibility and for that want to be on first page of Google, so here are some tips on how get on First page of Google without paying for Adwords


How to get on first page of Google without paying for Adwords

How to get on first page of Google without paying for Adwords

With more than ninety percent visitors never visiting the second page of the search engine results and even in the rest 10% many are those who are looking for some research work, so getting on the first page of Google becomes necessary for businesses.

Irrespective of the size of business, stream of visitors through these search engines would increase visibility and revenues. Social Media has replaced the good old word of mouth publicity and spending some time on building your brand online would end in increased ROI for you.

Let us discuss the tips on how to be first on Google search engine

Identify the keywords

If you are very new on internet and do not know much about search engine crawlers or Google algorithms, then this would look like a daunting job but trust us identifying keywords is very easy. Google has several algorithms, which help in finding relevant content through these keywords.

Keywords – focus on them to get your business on Google’s first page without paying

Keywords – focus on them to get your business on Google’s first page without paying

If you want to know more about Google Algorithms – read History of Google Update and Latest Penguin 4.0 Update – How it effect SEO

These keywords are generally the words you type in a search engine to get desired results. So what your company is selling or the industry type you are operating in, would help you determine specific keywords.

Let us say we want our company, Digital360 to be ranked on the first page (by the way – we are already on first page for many keywords), then the keywords we would target are – Digital Marketing Company, SEO Company in India/ Noida, Website Development Company and so on. So identifying the keywords is most important job.

Obviously, Google is the best tool to determine the specific keywords, you would want to target on for your online branding. An important point to note is use of specific keywords – as Google provides different results for different searches, even a minute difference of ‘s’ can end up with different results. Check the images below for more clarity

We searched in Google for – Jewelry and Handmade Jewelry

Google search result for Handmade Jewellery

Google search result for Handmade Jewellery

Google search result for Jewellery

Google search result for Jewellery

Obviously, the results were very different. Therefore, if you were selling handmade jewelry targeting specific keyword (Handmade Jewelry instead of Jewelry) would be highly beneficial for you. Other keywords would be handcrafted jewelry, handmade gemstone jewelry etc. You could get an idea for keywords by scrolling down and looking up the searches related section in Google’s page.

Other than Google, there are many keyword search tools available online – Google Adwords, Keyword Explorer, Wordstream Keyword tool etc.

Work with those keywords

If you want to get on first page of Google without paying for Adwords, set realistic goals. After identifying specific keywords, make a goal to target those keywords. Do not start with 20/30 keyword, thinking you would get maximum coverage, no start with small, dedicated steps. Select only 5-6 keywords and work with them.

Identifying & selecting keywords was the easy part, now comes the hard part – working with those keywords. If your website is already optimized for Search Engine Optimization, then you can easily use descriptive and valid URL’s with keywords instead of generic names, also use keywords in sub-domains.

Meta descriptions are very important and target these with keywords, if you do not know how, then SEO companies can help you optimizing your website and doing off-page SEO. Use keywords in headers also to get better-indexed site.

Create Social Media Pages

Creating social media pages helps in getting visitors thereby improving your chances to get on first page of Google without paying for Adwords. Social Media especially FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc help in increasing your online visibility and better connectivity with existing customers. If your customers are happy, your online links would increase and without paying for ads your brand, value would increase.

Social Media – best tool for your business marketing

Social Media – best tool for your business marketing

Google uses social media links and image in overall ranking therefore providing your users a platform to connect would not only increase customer satisfaction but would also help in gaining better rank in Google.

Quality Content

After all you have done, if you content were not valuable to users then to get on first page of Google without paying for Adwords would be near impossible for you on your own.

Content is the latest marketing tool. With content you can attract users, offer something valuable, increase brand value, get more potential customers, get more online visibility as well as more social media followers, and overall get a first page ranking on Google.

However to achieve all this, your content should be unique and be of some value to users. Use keywords cleverly while creating content for blogs or social media sites or videos and surely your visibility as well as ranking would improve. However, this is a slow and dedicated approach, so, do not stop after a few weeks, keep going on and offer something valuable to customers.

There are some other smaller activities, which when done before starting on the bigger SEO plan would help you to rank on first page of Google without paying for Adwords.

Google Maps – Add physical location of your business on Google Maps as it helps when Google shows local search results.

Directory Listings – There are many directories available online, most are free. Select the directories according to the business they cater to and list your business there. Once again while listing your business, make the business listing eye-catching to engage users.

Google Trends – Google shows trending topics and keywords interest over a period of months. You can use this tool to understand the need or demand or fluctuations in the interest in your product category and can take action to capitalize on such needs.

Digital360, best SEO Company in Noida, brings this blog to you to help educate users to set their online image on their own without any expenses. However, if you have a budget set for digital marketing and want expert SEO consultants to work on improving your ranking in Google search result pages, hire a SEO company and be sure to read our blog on How to choose Best SEO Company in India, before going further.

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