The tech giant Google held a press event on Tuesday in New Delhi called ‘Google for India Event’. In this event Google announced several new products particularly focused for the India Market. These products were launched while keeping the online habits of Indian Google users in mind.

Here, in this article we will enlist all the major anouncements done by the Google in this event.

  1. Android Oreo (Go Edition)

The biggest announcement was the launch of “Android Oreo –Go” Edition of Android OS. It was expected since last six months as it was mentioned also at the I/O developer conference of Google earlier this year. Through this event, they finally and officially launched Android Oreo-Go. This edition of Android OS will be available as a part of the Android 8.1 release. The handsets running on this edition will get available from early 2018.

  1. Go-supported Light versions of Google Apps

Google formally introduced several light versions of Google Apps such as Files Go, Youtube Go, Google Go, Assistant Go, Maps Go. These apps are primarily meant for the Adroid Go platform and will come as pre-installed apps in Android Oreo (Go Edition) supported mobile phones. Though, region wise availability of these Go based apps is open for normal Android user too.

  1. JioPhone Specific Assistant & Actions on Google Assistant

Google has developed JioPhone spefic version of Google Assistant, which will come in JioPhones. It will be supported in English as well as Hindi language.

The Google Assistant is also getting third-party integration support feature in India. This feature will be known as Actions on Google Assitant, which will assist while performing operations with the services like the BookMyShow, GoIbibo, SBI and more.

  1. Google Maps with Two-Wheeler Mode

The company has also officially announced the two-wheeler mode for the Google Maps. It is currently available in India and will be made available for other countries in upcoming months.

  1. Bill payment support in Tez

Google’s UPI app Tez will get integrated with the bill payment feature in upcoming days. The company showed the demonstration at the event and it seems simple and user-friendly. The user just has to add the biller and Tez, then Tez will notify if you have any pending bills, which can be paid from your connected bank account. Lots of billers (approximately 100) are expected to be supported for that Bill-Payment feature of Tez.

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