As the year 2017 is having just numbered days now, Digital360, the leading Digital marketing Company in Noida has compiled some of the best trends around with some analysis which will strengthen further in upcoming days.  Therefore, we have to learn and adapt to these trends, so that we can keep ourselves ahead in the Digital world of www.

1.Increase in Migration of Users towards Mobile

As we have seen and also that was almost obvious, the mobile-users are growing with each day and in future also they will keep growing. A huge part of the population uses their mobile phones to perform their searches instead of the desktop. There is still being a bit of a long way to go, as there are lots of people are still remaining to get the benefits of the persistently growing internet penetration.

Also, Google announced that it would launch a new model of site indexing complementing with its new mobile-oriented search engine. It becomes a top priority for the business to have a mobile-friendly website. If not complied, then the ranking of their website will get affected.

  1. Social Media Marketing becoming more significant

As stated above, with the increase in the number of mobile users, we are certain that the crowd will get themselves added on various social media platforms. Therefore, Social media will have a big impact in upcoming days, especially among the millennials and the Gen Xers.

According to Salesforce, the one-third of Gen X and half of the millennial internet users indicated interest in buying new products through social media. After buying they also post about the gifts they bought on social media. That’s a double benefit for the businesses regarding their promotion.

  1. Video becoming primary mode of content

If 2017 has already brought us a boost in content produced in the form of video, 2018 predicts to be the year where the video will actually outpace other content types such as textual and visual content.  The rise of Social Media has amplified the use of Video mode for the content generation and this trend will only increase.

The capacity to create appealing videos is only limited by the imagination. Users are more captivated with video than other conventional forms of content. It is more interactive and has greater potential to attract the leads. The video supporting features of platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope or Facebook Live encourages smooth communication between the brands and consumers. So, we can easily say that the video generation will only get increased in upcoming days.

  1. User numbers increase while time spent online decreases

A fresh report by Verto Analytics has given us an interesting fact regarding swing in online consumer engagement. In the US, the number of users of social media and mobile apps had increased, but the average time spent with these elements had decreased. It is assumed that an average internet user is shifting their attention from news content to other categories such as lifestyle and e-commerce apps, which needs lesser time duration.

From such mixed response trend, we can infer that may for the news and related info the conventional modes of media is trusted more than digital media, but for the ecommerce and related tasks the user base will grow in near future.

If you want to yield more benefits of the internet in accordance to the above-mentioned trends, then consult the experts at Digital360. Being a smart Digital marketing Company in Noida, we always keep our actions result-oriented. Call at +91 92788 49499 or visit now.

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