To work properly websites need a network infrastructure, hardware, and software. Each component brings its share of risks and security flaws that we need to minimize to ensure the highest quality of service and performance. This work is divided among several actors: the host, the system administrator, the webmaster and the user.

Here are some of the recommendations from the experts at leading Website Designing Company of Delhi NCR, in order to better secure your website and the server hosting it. The following tips apply mainly for Linux web servers, which account for the vast majority of current servers.

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  1. Strengthen and protect your passwords

The ideal way is to generate a random password, use a program rather than an online generator. Currently, an 8-character password containing lowercase, uppercase, numbers and punctuation assures you peace for a few years.
Renew your passwords regularly, for example, every year.
Protect your forms against robots by installing captchas.

  1. Strengthen and protect services

Minimize open services on the server. Tools can make it possible to check which ports are open. The firewall installed on most servers allows restricting certain services to your IP to limit the risks of piracy.
Minimize the information delivered by the services (software, version, extensions …), as well as in the source code of your website.
Emphasize robust and lightweight software, for example by replacing the Apache web server with such server which deemed more secure, especially against DOS attacks. Get more help from the professionals at the Digital360, most distinguished Website Designing Company in Delhi.
Ensure that folders and files have minimum permissions, minimize writable folders.

  1. Make frequent updates

An up-to-date CMS secures your site, but make sure to have it updated by a professional, it will be able to correct any bugs related to the update. In any case, always remember to make a backup.

  1. Duplicate & Backup resources

Cloud hosting allows you to distribute your server on several physical machines and eliminates the risk of failure. Also, make sure there is redundancy in the networks and the power supply. This is usually not the case with low-cost dedicated hosting. Consult website experts from the well reputed Website Designing Company in Delhi to get proper assistance.
Use software to automatically perform regular backups of your databases and files on a remote machine.

  1. Watch and supervise

There is some software which allows to monitor your services and to be informed in case of a break.
Follow the Twitter accounts of your CMS (ex: WordPress), services and your operating system to be informed of discovered flaws.
If in doubt, having a security audit of your site and/or server by a professional can be very informative and save you a lot of money.
To evaluate the security of your site or any other kind of website solutions, we invite you to consult our professionals to carry out a security audit. Do not hesitate to contact Digital360, a prominent Website Designing Company in Delhi to carry out a security audit or to implement technical modification of your website.

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