The behavioural analysis of Internet users, during their usage session on an e-commerce website, shows a significant application of the search engine, state experts from a prominent SEO Company in Noida. On average 40% of Internet users use the search bars during their navigation. In the era full of e-commerce websites it becomes difficult to navigate to the desired product without search bars.

The internal search bars becoming a priority for e-commerce websites. If well optimized, then it can accelerate the sales, and thus improve the ROI of your traffic acquisition campaigns (SEO, AdWords, etc.). As the website experts from the top SEO Company in Noida, we are going to put some significant points to improve your search engine which will positively impact the performance of your e-commerce website.

  • Regular assessment of the results of the top 100 keywords

Before significantly modifying your internal search engine, it is important to analyse the current performance and the relevance of the results. For that, it will be enough to extract the keywords most searched by your website users, in order to analyse them. If you use an internal search engine solution, you can easily find these queries. In case you use the native engine for your e-commerce solution, it is possible to go determine the requests of the users, thanks to the tools of web analytics.

Now distinctly test each request and give it an overall score according to the relevance, number of results, and exclusion of products out of stock. If you have at least 20% of your top queries with a low score, that is, below average, then, you are currently losing sales. It is, therefore, necessary to thoroughly review the performance through your internal search engine.

  • Define a keyword optimization process

The first step to optimize is to improve the relevance of the results. In the case of a native engine, it will be necessary to modify the product sheets to add keywords, to highlight them on the requests.

In the case of an outsourced engine, all these features already exist, and there is nothing to develop: you can, however, optimize the display of the results, Keyword by keyword, focusing on top searches.

  • Pro-actively promote promotional offers, new products

As a consumer, we are all confronted on a daily basis with the promotional offers, new products. In physical stores, these are positioned at the entrance of shelves, etc. This technique boosts the sales and can multiply sales by a factor ranging from 3 to 5 depending on the appeal of the offer.

It is therefore essential to implement such a strategy on your e-commerce website. After performing your keyword audit, you will need to define display rules based on business or products’ criteria. In order to increase the relevance, and assign an individual scoring to your products that will condition the display compared to other references.

  • Enable relevant and quick navigation for the website users

The last point not to be overlooked is quick and efficient navigation. Simply put, these are the sorting criteria relevant to a product typology. These criteria are important because they make it easier to guide the user when searching.

By balancing the relevance of the results, the pro-active promotional strategy and the intelligent use of custom filters, you put every chance on your side to get the best return on investment, and above all to guarantee Internet users successful shopping experience. You can further enhance the performance of e-Commerce website with professional assistance from Digital360, a prominent SEO Company in Noida. Consult us now.

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