Mobile applications are one of the most popular digital tools in the modern world which is used to enhance the businesses. As one of the top mobile app development companies in Noida, we understand that the smooth user experience of a mobile app is must for its popularity.
Being among the top mobile app development companies in Noida, we need to ensure that by testing the mobile app on various types of smartphones. You need to act clever while choosing a smartphone on which you are going to test your mobile app.

Being one of the top mobile app development companies in Noida, here we are going to tell you 5 significant parameters on the basis of which you should select one or more than one smartphones for your app testing requirements.

1. OS and OS Version: To guarantee that your application performs well in the hands of the users, you have to test your application on various OS and their variants. Concentrating on a solitary OS will limit the performance of the mobile app and you need to check them on the latest versions of OS.
System and qualities of different OS change drastically. As your application grows to new markets, you have to incorporate more gadgets with latest OS in your testing system. You need to enhance the features of your app function admirably in various OS versions.

2. Market share: Market share tells the popularity of the smartphones in among the current set of users. This is one of the most significant objectives which you can’t ignore while choosing a smartphone.
You need to choose the gadgets in light of their popularity in the segment of the market that you are focusing on. Your app needs to run smoothly on all the imperative gadgets well known among your audience. Always consider the share of the smartphone in the overall industry before shortlisting it.

3. System Hardware: With the model, the properties and attributes of the applicable hardware too vary. While choosing a gadget for testing you have to consider, its screen size, chipset, RAM, battery and relevant features that can affect your application’s execution such as GPS for the location-based apps. Performance of the application is likely to be affected by the hardware of different gadgets.

4. Brand or Manufacturers Reputation: Top brands for android gadgets incorporate Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, Nokia etc. You can’t ignore the popular brands as they are most critical options. You need to keep your app functioning coherently in their phones as they keep launching smartphones at a regular basis and buyers switch to them dynamically.

5. Network and Data Service Provider: There are hundreds of Network and Data Service Providers are functioning worldwide supporting different system technologies like GSM and CDMA. It can be a very important factor that can affect the performance of your application. To comprehend the impact of system and changing conditions presented by area, it is important to check the functioning of the application in genuine conditions.

These are some of the important parameters on the basis of which you can test your application to perform in an efficient way. Instead of doing all this, you can simply choose one of the top mobile app development companies in Noida to let the professionals handle these things in an efficient way. Call at +91 92788 49499 now.

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