The practice of promoting your website on certain keywords to gain better rankings is not new, states experts Digital Marketing professionals from an eminent SEO Company in Noida. In other words, we call this phenomenon as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. There are many Crucial Website Parameters for SEO which helps in achieving desirable results in quick time. Many companies implement SEO strategies that purpose. In this article, we’ll talk about what are some of the crucial website parameters for SEO your business website.

Why SEO is important to target the right audience

One of the benefits of SEO is that it allows you to leverage existing traffic. Business websites do not succeed without traffic. If you do not attract visitors to your website, you do not generate any income. Purchasing a new website allows you to work from scratch to 0. However, it will not be long before site owners realize that significant traffic growth takes months (or years). You must do several SEO things to attract a steady stream of visitors, especially qualified visitors. These SEO techniques include creating quality content, optimizing good keywords, and posting to other sites. Here are some of the crucial website parameters for SEO your business website from SEO experts from the top SEO Company in Noida.

Current Competition for the Website and Its Domain

Does the website you have is having a chance against its niche competitors? You absolutely must evaluate the competition of the domain. If it belongs to a competitive niche, maybe move to another domain name. It will take time to determine if your domain optimizes the most difficult keywords. Choose a domain that focuses on low-competition keywords. These are long-tail keywords with a good monthly search volume and are easier to categorize. Such an area will play a huge role in the success of your business, i.e; a high return on investment.

Strong and Effective Backlink Profile

If you are trying to rank your website as high as possible, it is required that this domain has a certain number of backlinks with authority links. Even the best SEO know that finding and building high-quality links can take forever. There are also those who are looking to thrive online and build backlinks no matter what the quality is. Google confirms, based on their ranking signals, backlinks remain a strong indicator of authority.

Considerable PageRank

PageRank (PR) is the ranking system for Google’s web pages. The higher the PageRank, the higher the position of a page in the search results. Google rates the importance of a page based on factors such as the number and quality of its backlinks. Though working on your PageRank takes time. A study by Ahrefs revealed that the top-ranked pages (in the top 10) are at least 2 years old. While, only 5% of newly published web pages reached Google’s top 10, so you need to be patient.

Domain Authority and Page Authority

Moz has developed metrics to help site owners evaluate the SEO performance of their site. The important statistics that you need to check are the domain authority (DA) and the page authority (PA). The domain authority score predicts the probability of ranking an entire domain in the search results. And Page Authority measures the ranking capability of an individual web page. Both DA and PA are rated on a scale of 1 to 100. Moz analyses DA and PA based on factors such as quality of content, number and quality of backlinks, etc. One can determine these metrics through the MOZ SEO toolbar.

Organic Traffic Flow

Identify traffic issues for your website using Google Analytics. Google Analytics will help you see if the domain receives real traffic or from robots, affirms SEO experts from the top SEO Company in Noida. In the dashboard, if you notice a sudden increase in site traffic, and there is no special event over that time, it’s a likely sign of traffic via robots.

Page Speed & Upload Time

The time required to load a web page affects the user experience and SEO. When a site loads quickly, visitors and customers will have a good experience and will be able to trade if they want. Google announced that it would consider speed as a new ranking factor. There are many factors that affect the speed of your page, such as the excessive use of plugins, ads, content management systems, coding languages, and images.

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