Domain names are usually reserved for a period of 1 to 10 years, which holders can then renew or not. When a domain is not renewed within 3 months after the expiry date, it expires in the public domain and becomes accessible again.

Redeeming an expired domain (or second world domain) may be the solution if you cannot find an available domain name. For this, you can go to dedicated online directories or use a specialized service.

How SEO is Significantly Based on Domain Name & URL

The domain names are related to several SEO based elements as mentioned below by the experts from a prominent Website Development Company in Noida:

  • They need to have a number of quite different links,
  • They should have some authority and backlinks,
  • Their seniority, a positive criterion for referencing,
  • They can have an interesting page rank (index to measure the popularity of a site).

Here, domain authority is what determines the potential of a site in the ranking of search engines and backlinks are the links on other sites that point to your content.

However, not all domain names are equal. Some may be worthless for your SEO and even have been banned by Google or Adsense. To check, go to the Google Banned Checker and Adsense Box sites. Also, a study of the SEOMoz site has indicated that the influence – in terms of SEO – of the presence of a keyword in the domain name of a site tends to decrease over the years since 2010.

Things to Consider While Buying a New Domain Name

While buying a new domain name, remember to check the following criteria as suggested by the experts from a prominent Website Development Company in Noida:

  • Choose such domain name which provides ease of remembrance.
  • Try to select short words as a domain name, best if it is kept under 10 letters.
  • As Domain name find something which is appealing and yet easy to spell.
  • Using keywords makes it easy for people to predict your web content.
  • Using hyphens in Domain names is not much appreciated in recent times.
  • Including numbers in Domain names was never considered as a good choice.

Things to Consider While Recovering an Expired Domain Name

Before recovering an expired domain name, remember to check the following criteria:

  • Age of the domain name,
  • Number of referring domains (sites that point to the expired domain name),
  • Quality of external links,
  • Balance between the number of backlinks (Citation Flow) and their quality (Trust Flow),
  • Typology and the ratio of anchors (the abuse of optimized anchors is penalized by the Google Penguin algorithm),
  • Site history.

Choosing your domain name is a crucial step for your web marketing strategy. All your SEO tasks will be attached to this name so choose the good so you do not have to change and risk losing all the work done.

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