Bahubali 2 GST Bitcoin PAN-AADHAR linking among the Top Searches

Google revealed India’s top Google searched items from different categories and with lots of Bollywood and Cricket related terms, they almost captured all top Google search terms.

The most searched thing on Google for 2017 across all categories was Bahubali 2. It is India’s blockbuster film released in multiple regional languages. The country’s top 10 trends overall was fully captured by cricket and Bollywood.

In ‘News’ segment, ‘Bitcoin price’ was the eighth most searched term, while GST and ‘How to link Aadhar with PAN card’ was on top in other categories in India.

Overall. India. 2017 Trends

Here are the top Google trends from other categories:

In the news segment “Indian Premier League”, “ICC Champions Trophy” & “CBSE Results” grabbed top spots.

News. India. 2017

In the Movie related searches on Google,  “Bahubali 2”, “Dangal” with “Half Girlfriend” was at top 3 spots.

Movies. India. 2017

“Hawa hawa”, “Raske-Qamar” with “Despacito” captured top 3 spots.

Songs. India. 2017

“Indian Premier League”, “ICC Champions Trophy” with “Wimbeldon” was the top 3 searches in India related to sporting events.

Sporting Events. India. 2017

In the ‘What is’ queries, the first spot was grabbed by “What is GST?” and ‘Bitcoin’ was in the second most searched spot with “What is bitcoin”.

What Is.... India. 2017

The top “How to” related query in India through Google was “How to link Aadhar card with PAN”.

How To.... India. 2017

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