As an eminent Website Development Company in Noida, we understand how important can be a website for the respective business or owner of the website. Website development involves lots of hard work and one never wants to lose it due to hacking or any security breach.

Along with generic yet essential data in the form of textual and visual content, a website usually contains some sensitive data too. As a website owner one may never want to get these things out of their control, especially to the hands of any hacker.

If you want to reduce the chances of such horrible incidents, then, being an outstanding Website Development Company in Noida, we are suggesting some essential tips to secure your website. Here are some of the methods and procedures.

Login Credentials

Weak or easy-to-crack passwords make it easy for the hackers to do their job. Being a website owner you need to use effective passwords and usernames. You need to create easy-to-remember yet hard-to-guess passwords for login purpose. You should not need to write in anywhere due to its simplicity for you.

Make your password customized according to your lifestyle and by putting little complications you can make it hard-to-guess for the hackers. For that use both writing elements i.e; letters and numbers and put symbols in between. To raise the complication, you can make use different cases of the letters.

Security Software

If you do think that you have a virus, you need to scan your computer and also scan your documents related to your website. By doing that, you can ensure that your website is safe.

If a website is logged-in with a virus-affected computer and it drastically increases the chances that your website might also get the virus. Ensure the security of both by putting strong anti-virus software into your system. All incoming data should get scanned beforehand through that anti-virus software.

Whenever you feel any suspicious thing, you should promptly run the anti-virus program to scan the system, especially the files related to your website. A fine-quality anti-virus program will genuinely make your website safe.

Backing up Your Data

Having a backup is a smart way to secure your website. Whenever you retrieve a website from hackers, there are high chances that you may have lost some essential data to hackers. By putting the backup files at the required you can quickly ensure the resolution of the issue of data loss.

Also, since you put heavy efforts in creation and gathering of content for your website from various sources, therefore, by making the backup not only you ensure quick recovery but also make yourself safe from putting same amount heavy efforts to make the same website again. Being an outstanding Website Development Company in Noida, we would suggest that whenever you update your website or create new content, back up your data.

Website Security

Along with anti-virus software, there are also many kinds of plug-ins are available which can add another level of security to your website. Some are designed as anti-spamming solutions, some stop virus from affecting the backend resources and many others with similar solutions. Often these add-ons are available for free to use, so it is worth giving them a try until it does not slow down the website performance.

SSL Certificate

Websites operates with Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) which is responsible for data communication. World Wide Web (WWW) uses HTTP as a request-response protocol. Implementing SSL certificates makes your website an HTTPS website where HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It is a combination of HTTP+SSL which is responsible for data security of the communication request handled by the HTTP.

You can put all these implementations yourself or instead of doing that you can consult a trustworthy Website Development Company in Noida, like Digital360 to ensure the safety of your website. Call at +919278849499 now.


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