Nowadays wherever you see, you will get to see a huge fraction of people busy with their mobiles. Most of them are either browsing something online or some app. Recent researches have confirmed that mobiles have overtaken desktops for internet browsing and this trend is only going to increase, claims Top Website Development Company in Noida.

How Mobile Friendly Websites are winning over Generic Websites?

Search engine giant Google is also welcoming this trend through their AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and giving priority to Mobile-Friendly websites in their SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The experts at a prominent Website Development Company in Noida warn that if any business is not having a mobile-friendly website then, it may be losing a big chunk of potential customers to the competitors.

What are the advantages of having a mobile-friendly website?

Being a trusted Website Development Company in Noida, we are going to elaborate on some major benefits of mobile-friendly websites. Refer the list below compiled by our team of expert website designers.

Gain Mobile Traffic: As we have mentioned that mobile browsing has overtaken desktop browsing, therefore, having a mobile-friendly website attracts more web-traffic on the website in comparison of generic desktop websites.

Faster Webpage Upload: Mobile oriented standards make it faster to upload the mobile-friendly website than the desktop-based website having the similar amount of content.

Improved UI/UX: Mobiles provides relatively faster and more personalized user experience to the website visitors. This factor encourages them to stay longer on the respective webpage/website.
Low Bounce Rate: As the users get better UI/UX through mobile-friendly websites, which encourages them to spend more amount of time and subsequently lower the bounce rate.

Brand Strengthening: Since the users get more personalized experience while visiting mobile-friendly websites they tend to feel more connected with that business.

Faster Communication and Feedback: Mobiles are considered more effective means of communication than desktops and laptops. Therefore, having a business presence on the mobile gives more flexibility for communicating with potential customers and getting/providing feedback from/to current clients.

Result-Oriented SEO: Search engine giants are giving priority to mobile-friendly websites to show in top rankings. If SEO is done, then it’s easier to get better ranks with the mobile-friendly website rather than generic desktop-based websites.

High conversion rate: If you put all of the above benefits together, you will certainly observe that all those points will converge to the point where one will simply expect higher conversion rate.

Platform Flexibility: This is a huge benefit of having a mobile-friendly website over a mobile app. Mobiles have many different Oss, such as Android, iOS, Windows etc.

Lower cost: Though apps are considered as the major mobile-based tool for marketing and sales for businesses, yet ‘platform-flexibility’ advantage of Mobile-friendly websites makes them economic options for a huge fraction of businesses, especially, the startups.

Enhance your business with the mobile-friendly website. Consult Digital360, a renounced Website Development Company in Noida for redesigning or freshly develop a new website.

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