A recent article in a prominent journal says that “Mobile apps’ consumer spending doubles in 3 years”. This trend strengthens the fact that Mobile apps are built for people on the go, if you forget to order something you can spontaneously buy through them.

Another recent study, conducted by Google, shows that 81% of smartphone users are already used their phone to search for a product or service. This does not convince you to create a mobile application for your SME? Good! As a highly experienced App Development Company, we know that the development of mobile applications requires considerable investment both in terms of money and time. And as a concern guide, we are going to tell about the irresistible benefits of mobile apps.
Mobile App Development

Why are Mobile Applications Essential for Your Business?

Before you look at all the features of the future application, check if your company really needs it. At this stage, nothing better than asking you what goals you want to achieve through the application. Mobile applications are perfect marketing tools that can benefit virtually every industry.

How Mobile App Exactly Helps Your Business?

If you are one of the companies that have an interest in developing applications in order to reinforce the marketing strategy or to simplify internal processes. Let see some significant advantages that you gain with to a mobile application. Here is the list of benefits compiled by the experts at a prominent App Development Company.

1) Establish a Strong Brand Image of Your Business

What image of your company do you want to give to your (potential) customers? With a mobile application, you will be perceived as a modern, innovative company that listens to its customers. They will appreciate your efforts to pamper those who prefer to use a smartphone to access services or contact your business.

As a prominent App Development Company, we have observed that the customers are not only looking for the consumption of a nice, but also a personalized experience. Having a mobile application can offer new tools for customer interaction: online chat, callback service, and many more. It’s a great way to get to know more platforms and simplify business-to-customer communication.

2) Optimized Client Experience

47% of Internet users do not appreciate their web experience. So, proof that a large part of your customers will prefer to promote navigation on mobile application to web navigation. A mobile application can facilitate swift communication between the company and its customers. Also, you can have a feature on your Mobile App that allows customers to contact you at any time, without having to wait for opening hours and spending nothing.

By making it easier for you to make contact, you will be more likely to hear from customers about their experiences. This will allow you to improve your customer service and, by the same token, your business efficiency. You will be able to customize the communication through data collection.

3) Spontaneous Interaction with Current Customers

Think about taking advantage of push notifications. They are far more effective at reaching their recipients than email marketing. The latter is an old method that still works for many companies today, but even if someone subscribes to your mailing list, you have no guarantee that he will notice your email in his box, or that he will read it. But being a leading App Development Company in India, we have found that the user engagement rate with push notifications reaches 40%.

4) Reach the Untapped New Customers

And if your customers were prospecting for your product or service? The good old word-of-mouth method is still the most effective, and there is nothing better to implement it than social networks. You may want to consider allowing users to share the contents of the app with their network. Your business will gain visibility and, by the same token, attract new customers.

In addition, a web application, that is, a site optimized for mobile will allow all people to find your business by simply typing keywords into a search engine. This is the best solution for start-ups looking to make them known.

5) Keep your customers Loyal and Satisfied

Developing a mobile app can help you build customer loyalty. It is indeed an effective tool to implement promotional actions as you can, for example, offer discount coupons, send invitations to events or even organize contests.

But also you should be aware that a dissatisfied customer does not necessarily talk about it: they just leave without complaining. Most of the time when the customer gets dissatisfied, never come back. So be aware that customer satisfaction is a priority, and the mobile app is the best tool for that.

These may not be everything or enough reasons about the possible uses of mobile applications. It’s up to you to let your imagination work! If you have doubts about the feasibility of a mobile application project or its usefulness for your business, Digital360 will be glad to advise you. Call our App Development experts at +91 92788 49499 or visit www.digital360.co and put your query.

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