Once is not customary, let’s get ready for the little game of forecasts for the year 2018 regarding the territory of SEO. Here is the landscape of search engines and SEO as the experts at Digital360 imagined for the next 12 months, through listing 10 topics to follow closely to not miss and get on the right train to the destination.

After the end of the year 2017 and it is the first week of 2018 so it’s a perfect time to make some forecasts for the next 12 months. But let’s be crazy! This year, we will try to bend to the exercise by giving you the following 10 points that we think it is essential to follow for 2018 with hopes of efficient outcomes.

As the first of list, we expect the Mobile First index priority will be essential and it’s already in all our endeavours for SEO goals. If Google indicates its implementation (already in progress), then it should become transparent to the webmaster soon. Be careful to follow this very consciously.

Mobile First index

As next big trend for 2018 it’s hard to ignore the voice and conversational search, with its different corollaries: featured snippets, zero position etc, which we are already familiar with when the search engine giant Google gives us our daily SERP. Voice research is, in our opinion as the concern SEO Company in India, a big part of the future of SEO and going to be one of the biggest developments in search since the 90s and so it is therefore crucial for the future of our business. And we must start today to understand the different mechanisms (artificial intelligence, RankBrain etc). In short, an essential trend to observe that will require an important watch in upcoming days.
voice and conversational search

Beyond voice search, it seems Google takes into account the behavior of the user when he uses his search engine and the Web as a rule, and that should be reinforced at the future. The Chrome browser is an incredibly powerful tool for providing data of all kinds. It started a long time ago with cookies and continues today with page load time or mobile compatibility. Other criteria such as time spent on the site, Bounce Rate, Type of Navigation etc. may come into play soon in the future.

behavior of the user

Let’s continue with a classic: the structured data that is important for Google because – beyond the “rich snippets” that provide more information in the SERP – they allow above all to have a more semantic vision of the Web. These tags, such Schema.org, help the engine to better understand the content of the web pages it indexes and this improves its overall understanding. With this in mind, it’s hard to expect that Google is not going to push further for their use in the coming months.

The AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) will certainly continue as Google pushes, pushes frequently, but the format remains complex, many actors of the Webmasters are still uncomfortable to anticipate these and we still do not know what will be the future of the AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages.
Accelerated Mobile Pages

As a Mobile App Development & SEO Company in India, we are expecting drastic modifications and consequently a new version of the Play Store. As we have already seen a boom in Android-based Mobile Applications and as Google has also launched a new species of Apps called as “Go” version for running smoothly on smartphones with lighter RAM space, we may also see a lot improved Play Store soon.

We are hugely anticipating the launch of new version of the Search Console. We hope that its new features will allow us as a regular web user to really work better on our sites, even more professionally, and the fear of to be disappointed by less advanced options than expected.

Being a future-conscious SEO Company, we also predict that 2018 will be a year which will see the birth of several new SEO tools & techniques. We are expecting the major adaptation of current tools to the world of voice search and to researching the questions most often asked by users on their smartphone or connected speaker. The field of possibilities is therefore enormous in this area.

Finally, it will be very remarkable to monitor the role of Danny Sullivan in Google and how he will put his footprint in SEO communication within the Google, at a time when the engine has decided not to more communicate on the different and multiple updates put in place. How will Google evolve as IT giant over the next 12 months? Hard to say but it is clear that if Danny Sullivan has come, it is to put his “paw” on this area. And as a former SEO expert, he certainly can affect the future of SEO industry.

Despite all the trends, news that will be announced in the coming months, we will always remain in SEO on the basis of fundamentals: a site which is technically sound, having quality content and back-links that slam the purpose well. And that does not stop you to expect  2018 as an excellent year for SEO.

Are you thinking of some more topics related to SEO to be monitored in 2018?

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