Someday ago, the calendar have changed and so we a moment where we look at our previous accomplishments and analyse them to assess them. Being a prominent SEO Company in Noida, we have too analysed the recent trends in SEO and trying to anticipate the SEO trends for the year 2019. These SEO trends are not important only for the SEO industry but for almost every industry because almost every industry is increasingly relying on digital platforms for their marketing and branding. As internet penetration is exponentially increasing among people full of potential customers, any business cannot afford to ignore the utilization of digital tools for their business. So whichever industry you are related, these trends are highly important to be taken into consideration for your business growth.

What are the Trends for SEO Companies to follow

Here the top trends observed in the SEO industry which will further strengthen in 2019. The team of expert SEO professionals at a future-conscious SEO company in Noida has compiled this list which is mentioned below.

Videos on the rise and Live Videos: Till a couple of years ago, only Youtube was a video-oriented major digital channel but lately all major social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram started Live video broadcasting feature. And with times users have taken this addition of feature positively and they have got empowered further for using their social media channels and connect dynamically with their users. So we can simply put that utilization of videos will increase and that certainly will be an SEO trend to follow in 2019.



Chatbots, Speakers & AI-based Assistants: Chatbots and speakers are making their presence more useful than ever, instead of just music and videos their utilization is growing in e-commerce, maps and as personal assistance. A survey has concluded that by the year 2020, 50% of searches will be done through voice. The rise of dependency on SIRI, Google Assistant, Cortana etc are becoming highly developed AI tools with better response rate and human-like response. Therefore, we can simply put Chatbots and AI-based into the list of SEO trends to follow in 2019.

Adwords and Paid Ads on Social Media Channel: In recent years, businesses have shown a positive trust on the digital channels. They are putting more money into it and not hesitating with the experimentations, claim experts at an outstanding SEO Company in Noida. As Facebook is providing more flexibility for running ads on Facebook as well as Instagram, Google too is enhancing its Adwords capability, so paid ads are on a huge ride. We are totally affirmative for its increase during upcoming years and so we feel no hesitation in putting it into the list of SEO trends to follow in 2019.

Local Influencers and Google My Business: Any business whether its product based or service-based heavily depends on the local crowd of potential customers. They verify the businesses physically and become localised brand-ambassador for that business. Any business can’t ignore their local customers and hence, their presence on the map. As a business, you need to put the real location with precise business related info, its becoming kind of mandatory in this age. Google is also putting more efforts in ‘Google My Business’ for providing genuine experience and therefore, this too will become one of the SEO trends to follow in 2019.

User-Generated Content and Reviews: As the users of any product or service are the ‘brand-ambassadors’ so their reviews become very important for any brand. Every business is identifying their voices through Testimonials and Reviews. New customers and potential customers are now preferring to go through the reviews before taking a firm decision regarding buying/availing anything new. As this tendency is growing among people, therefore, users’ reviews and ratings are certainly one of the SEO trends to follow in 2019.

There are many more other factors which are significant regarding Digital Marketing and SEO in 2019. Enhance your business growth through precise Digital Marketing solutions from experts.

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